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Mission Statement:

To provide physical and financial assistance to local charitable organizations, while providing fun and rewarding experiences for our members and friends.



Team Ready Friends:









Membership Application

Team Ready’s annual membership year is from January to December, with payments used to support yearly operating expenses of the Team Ready Foundation. This also entitles registered members to voting privileges, discounts on select memorabilia & events, increased website access, electronic event notifications, and authorized use of equipment & name/logo for informal member events.

Team Ready also maintains a fellowship fund that provides annual awards for deserving camp staff members of the Crystal Lake Scout Reservation as outlined on our website and under the supervision of the Team Ready Fellowship Committee. Please also use this application to make contributions to that fund in amounts at your discretion. And if you wish to provide extra support beyond annual dues, there is an "other" category for additional donations that will be applied to the general opertating fund and used under the direction of the elected board members.

Some fields are optional, but a minumum of your name, address, phone number and prefered e-mail are needed.

Please make checks payable to:
     Team Ready Foundation
     2115 Meadow Brook Way
     Wausau, WI  54403

or PayPal users may submit funds to
     (to maximize your contribution, please use

     the "personal" tab to avoid sacrificing funds
     to administrative fees - Thank You)

Membership application is complete upon receipt of application and payment.